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Cinéma Public - Cine junior



By Simon Coulibaly Gillard

Fiction / Belgium, France / 2021 / 1h31 / VOSTF

For 12 years old / Distributor : The 25th Hour

“We have chosen to reward this movie we all agreed on it’s grace, the purity of it’s direction and overall it’s story. We wanted to give It our support mainly because it must make it’s way to theatres considering it’s deep sensoriality and it’s stunning cin matography. It deserves a big screen, wich is the medium It has been made for in the first place. We hope that this award will help Aya to achieve this.”

The Grand Jury, made up of film professionals, presents the winning film with the following awards:

4 000 € are given by the festival to the French distributor of the film along with 2 300 € worth in technical services are granted by Titra Film

An original trophy designed by Pierre-Luc Granjon and granted by the festival is given to the director

Jury : Clémence Perdrillat, Agathe Hassenforder, Luc Cabassot, Pablo Pico, Ombline Ley,



By Eché Janga

Fiction / Curacao, Netherlands / 2020 / 1h28

For 9 years old / International Sales: Picture Tree International GmbH

“We unanimously decided to award the CICAE 2022 prize to Bulado, a film directed by Eché Janga and cowritten by the filmmaker and Esther Duysker. Bulad portrays Kenza, an 11 year old girl, who is revealed to be a true warrior. We would like to salute the performance of Tiara Richards, who takes her first steps in the cinema and is a real eye-catcher. This film, with its exceptional photography, speaks of inter-generational relationships, spirituality, reconciliation, tender masculinity and valorises a territory not very visible in the world of cinema. We wish this film a long life. This award helps towards distribution systematically informing the CICAE member cinemas, as an incentive for distribution companies to market the films discovered and in order to promote their circulation.”

Jury : Emilie Nouveau,Aurore Bosquet, Marie Herny,



By Simon Coulibaly Gillard

Fiction / Belgium, France / 2021 / 1h31 / VOSTF

For 12 years old / Distributor : The 25th Hour

“Our eyes were aligned more particularly on a small “pearl”, a “jewel” in our opinion… A fiction film, but with a documentary look. A film captivating by its proximity to these characters. A “carnal” film. But also a film which speaks of a certain disappearance…of childhood, of a certain carelessness…and of a landscape, of a place of life…A film which speaks of departure or of the necessary movement…And a film not devoid of ecological and climatic concerns. In short, a film “that remains”, which gently invades our heads and our emotions… The film which receives the ADAV prize this year is… AYA!”


1 000 € are given by the ADAV to the French distributor of the film and a support for specific distribution in cultural and educational networks.

Jury : Cécile Texier, Corisande Bonnin, Elise Virot



By Mehdi Hoseinivand Aalipour

Fiction / Iran / 2021 / 1h18

For 9 years old

Distributor : Irimage

“The film that we have decided to award, (…) we reward it for having been able to show, in many facets, a singular childhood and its complex condition, located between several worlds. We reward it’s ability to physically transcribe the reality of an unknown region, which reaches us both through the senses and through intelligence. We reward it’s cinematographic language, its power of expression and clarity for a young audience, and it’s clear and edifying form. We reward it’s characters and their staging. Finally, we have chosen to distinguish this film also to give it the visibility it deserves and which is far from guaranteed outside of its country of production..  The student award made up of student jurors from Ile-de-France and accompanied by Jos phine Lebard, journalist and Alex Masson, film critic and selector for festivals, awards the winning film an aid of 1000 € allocated by the festival.”

Jury : Jean Lesclauze, Nelly Medza, Thibaut Morand, Linh Ngo Thi Thuy,Clémentine Teboulle


Grade classe jury of : Paul Klee – Thiais


By Eché Janga

Fiction / Curacao, Netherlands / 2020 / 1h28

For 9 years old / International Sales: Picture Tree International GmbH

“In Bulado  we were impressed by the creativity. From the first shot, Kenza explains in voiceover that the wind embodies the invisible presence of her mother who, thus, dries her tears and caresses her skin. And thanks to the many tight shots on the movements of the curtains, the mobile, the horse’s mane in slow motion, we share this feeling. This poetic dimension is also found in the magnificent landscapes of Cura ao, filmed in wide and sometimes zenithal shots. We were also sensitive to the link established by the director between the voluntary forgetting of the island’s slavery past and the things left unsaid about death and the mother. Finally, we liked the scenes of rapprochement between Kenza and his grandfather because they universally question the question of the transmission of culture..”


Grade classe jury of :

Jean Macé  – Fontenay sous Bois

Albert Schweitzer- Créteil


By Jonas Carpignano

Fiction / Italy / 2021 / 2h01

For 11 years old / Distributor : Haut et Court

“The story of this young girl whose life suddenly changed overwhelmed us. We identified with this complex and courageous heroine. We enjoyed seeing the world of the mafia in a different way, in the ordinary daily life of a family, and through her teenage eyes. The film immersed us in a rather destabilizing universe with permanent suspense, moments of tension and many nocturnal scenes. The realistic and raw staging allowed us to be immersed in this particular atmosphere. ” Middle School Jean Macé


“This film made us enter a realistic world. We follow a character full of life. As the action progresses, we reflect on the good and the bad”  Middle School Albert Schweitzer


Grade classe jury of :

Josette et Maurice Audin, – Vitry-sur-Seine

Pierre de Ronsard – L’Hay -les-Roses

Victor Hugo – Créteil


By Samuel Theis

Fiction / France / 2021 / 1h35

For 13 years old

Distributor : Ad Vitam

“The main points that led us to choose the award-winning film:

-The very realistic discovery of a very disadvantaged social environment.

-The taboo subjects discussed here are nevertheless adopted by our generation.

-The strength of non-professional actors and actresses surprised and touched us.

This is why, among other things, we award our joint prize to the impressive film : Softie by Samuel Theis.”

Middle Schools Josette et Maurice Audin, Pierre de Ronsard


“We felt empathy for the character of Johnny. The director gave us some keys to understanding the film. We were sensitive to the story of these characters, very good performers, from a popular background and living in an industrial city marked by factory closures and unemployment. ” Middle School Victo Hugo



buys the VOD rights of the four laureate short films for their VOD platform

400 € are given by the festival to the director



By Aleksey Pochivalov

Animation / Russia / 2021 /

4 min / No Dialogue

For 2 years old

Distributor : Soyuzmultfilm film studio



De Natalia Malykhina

Animation / Norway / 2021 /

10 min / No Dialogue

For 4 years old

Distributor : Ulvenfilm



By Grégoire de Bernouis, Jawed Boudaoud, Simon Cadilhac, Hélène Ledevin

Animation / France / 2020 /

9 min / French soundtrack

For 7 years old

Distributor : Miyu Distribution



By Quentin Nozet, Fodil Drici, Imane Mchangama, Hugues Taranne, Temim Hammadi, Tullio Lavaysse

Fiction / France / 2021 / 27 min /

French soundtrack

For 11 years old

Distribution : Lylyfilms

The 32nd edition of the Festival Ciné Junior will be held from 2 to 15 February 2022.


The largest international film festival for young audiences in France, Ciné Junior will celebrate its 32nd edition in 52 different partner locations in Val-de-Marne and Île-de-France.


Movie theatres, media libraries, cultural centres, museums, community centres… in all, 37 venues in 23 towns in Val-de-Marne, plus 15 theatres elsewhere in Île-de-France, will participate in this cinema festival.


Organised by the Cinéma Public Val-de-Marne association with the support of the Val-de-Marne Departmental Council, DRAC Île-de-France, and the Île-de-France Region, since 1991 Ciné Junior has become an essential rendez-vous for educational films and outreach to the world for young audiences.


On the agenda for this new edition: Family spirit


There will be two competitions during the festival: an international feature film competition and a short film competition. You can discover these films during the Professional Days. And, of course, there will be cordial sessions with events, meet-ups, and workshops before and after film showings.


This 32nd edition will be generously peppered throughout, with a Concert film (“Friends for life”), a Riddle film (“Around where you live”), a focus on Alice Douard (Due West, Girls), heritage films (My Uncle, The Kid, The Thursday, Kikujiro, Naked Childhood…) and sneak previews (“Hare’s Big Day”, “Enchanted Gardens”, “The Tiger Who Came to Tea”, “Vanilla”, “My Neighbours’ Neighbours”…).


The Festival will also present an exhibition centred on the work of animated film illustrator and director Marion Lacourt (Sheep, Wolf and A Cup Of Tea… from imagination to animation) at the Claude Debussy theatre in Maisons-Alfort. Visitors can view original drawings and short films from the lyrical dreamworld inhabited by the creator of the official poster for this 32nd edition of Ciné Junior!

Friendship, living together, and surprise are the watchwords for this 32nd edition of Festival Ciné Junior!

On the agenda for this new edition: Family spirit !