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Cinéma Public - Cine junior

The 31st edition of festival Ciné Junior is postponed but the competition has been held online.

The Cine Junior festival is postponed -dates to be determined- due to the current health situation but the full-length features competition was maintained with an online competition on Festival Scope Pro.

The juries gave their award to their favourite film from a selection of six feature films.

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The 31st edition of festival Ciné Junior is postponed.

Originally, the festival would have held from January 27th to February 9th 2021. Ciné Junior, the largest international film festival for young audiences in France, will celebrate its 31st edition in over 50 different partner locations in Val-de-Marne and Île-de-France.
Movie theatres, media libraries, cultural centres, museums, community centres… in all, 36 venues in 23 towns in Val-de-Marne, plus 15 theatres elsewhere in Île-de-France, will participate in this cinema festival.
Organised by the Cinéma Public Val-de-Marne association with the support of the Val-de-Marne Departmental Council, DRAC Île-de-France, and the Île-de-France Region, since 1991, Ciné Junior has become an essential rendez-vous for educational films and outreach to the world for young audiences.

On the agenda for this new edition: the Environment

It is a vast theme that involves everything around us: our living conditions, our activities, and our co-existence with nature. We will be exploring our environment, both natural and urban, in all its richness, through the great classics of cinema and more recent films. From the tops of the highest mountains to the gardens of the smallest country homes, from ancestral caves to architectural wonders, we will be looking at humans in their environment.

New animated short programmes created by the festival

In order to educate its youngest spectators, each year the festival creates programmes consistent with its theme and form that are particularly suited to toddlers. Shorts for the whole family, from all over and from all eras, around the theme of “the environment”!

Paying attention to everything around us

The opportunity to see, whether for the first or the umpteenth time, such great cinema classics as On the Town by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly, Zazie in the Metro by Louis Malle, and The Jungle Book by Wolfgang Reitherman; to discover new horizons with The Man Who Planted Trees by Frédéric Back, and Valley of the Wolves by Jean Michel Bertrand; or to marvel at the sets of Paddington by Paul King or Minuscule 2 – Mandibles from far away by Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud.