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Riddle of Fire

Let’s travel back to the 1980s and join the “Club of 3” in their fanciful, hare-brained schemes in a rock ‘n’ roll setting, stopping at nothing in their quest break the rules.


Once upon a time there were three kids trying to crack the parental control of their game console, and also break the code of the perfect blueberry pie recipe. Once upon a time, there was a cult of poachers who couldn’t stop bickering and a little girl with an elvish gift… A first feature film with a budget as minuscule as its formal sophistication and epic freedom are gigantic. It’s as if Tom Sawyer, the Famous Five, and the Goonies got together to play a board game around a campfire in an enchanted forest somewhere in Wyoming.

  • Filmmaking

    Weston Razooli

  • Genre


  • Details

    USA / 2023 / 1h54 / Original soundtrack with French subtitles

  • Credits

    ASC Distribution

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