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Kensuke’s Kingdom


Spotted at the Annecy Festival, this gem of animation takes us to the land of dreams, lush vegetation, and friendship.


The incredible story of eleven-year-old Michael, who takes off with his parents to sail around the world, when a terrible storm washes him overboard with his dog Stella. Shipwrecked on a desert island, how will they survive? Soon a mysterious stranger comes to their rescue, offering them food and water. The man’s name is Kensuke, and he’s a former Japanese solder who has been living on the island since the war with a family of orangutans as his companions. He introduces Michael to his kingdom, and when a group of ape traffickers attempt to invade the island, they must join forces to save their paradise.

  • Filmmaking

    Neil Boyle and Kirk Hendry

  • Genre


  • Details

    UK, Luxembourg, France | 2023 | 1h24 | French soundtrack

  • Credits

    Le Pacte

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