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Cinéma Public - Cine junior
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Selected at the La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival, Dreams, a 4-part documentary series, invites you to question your own perception of the world through the experiences of others. The convergence of image and dance, mind and body is amplified by electronic music, inviting these teens to grow and become independent at their own pace. Do you find yourself in a trance?


In the midst of a pandemic, a filmmaker and a choreographer meet with a group of seventeen middle school students in the Var region of France. At only fourteen years of age, how do these young people perceive the world of today, and what do they imagine for the future? Speaking directly to the camera, they freely tell of their lives. How do you dream, at that age, when you’re no longer allowed to touch each other, see others’ faces without a mask, love without restraint?

  • Réalisation

    Pascal Catheland et Arthur Perole

  • Genre

    Documentary series

  • Détails

    France / 2022 / 1 hr 40 min

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