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Spare Keys


Sporting a San Sebastian Film Festival award, Fifi is a sunny, charming film in spite of its dramatic theme. Growing up in a complex family which she tries to keep at arm’s length, Fifi decides to escape her hostile environment. In the space of a summer, Fifi throws off her family shackles to discover and emancipate herself.


It’s early summer in the city of Nancy, and Sophie, also known as Fifi, 15, is stuck in a chaotic family environment in a low-rent housing unit. When she bumps into her old friend Jade who is leaving on holiday, Fifi happily takes the keys to Jade’s lovely downtown house that will be unoccupied for the summer. As she settles in, however, she runs into Stéphane, Jade’s older brother, who has returned unexpectedly. Instead of ejecting her from the place, Stéphane lets her come take refuge whenever she likes…

  • Réalisation

    Jeanne Aslan et Paul Saintillan

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  • Détails

    France / 2022 / 1 hr 48 min

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