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EN – Screenings – Tigers and Tattoos

Fall under the charm of this unusual but endearing pair, in a tale directed by brilliant, imaginative Karla von Bengtson. A quirky, imaginative story about the meaning of the word family, for both young and old!

French title : Mon tonton, ce tatoueur tatoué

Little Maj lives in a tattoo shop with her uncle Sonny, a tattoo artist with strong arms. Although they very much enjoy each other’s company, they think that a little girl should grow up in a real family with a mum, a dad, a brother, and so on, like the families they see on the telly! But they are about to embark on a great adventure, in which they will realise that a true family isn’t always what you think!

  • Director

    Karla von Bengtson

  • Genre


  • Year


  • Details

    42 min / French soundtrack

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