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Sneak previews

3+ “The Very Small Creatures”

“The Very Small Creatures”

3+ / Lucy Izzard
Animation / United Kingdom / 2022 / 38 min / No dialogue
Release: 7 February 2024

The latest creation to come out of Aardman Studios, “The Very Small Creatures” is a series of 12 short stories woven together into a single film.
In each episode, Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Green explore their surroundings and learn about the world around them through all sorts of games.

With: Colourful Puddles, Funny Mirrors, Seesaw, Noisy, Sorted, Boing, Sleeping Bunnies, Light Show, Ouchy, Dressing Up, Hide and Seek, Hiccups


5+ Rosa and the Stone Troll

Rosa and the Stone Troll

5+ /  Karla Nor Holmbäck
Animation / Denmark / 2024 / 1h15 / French soundtrack
Release: 14 February 2024

Rosa is a flower fairy who has always lived alone in her rose bush. Her very deepest wish is to have a friend, but she’s too scared to leave her bush and so has never found one. One day, Silk, a butterfly looking for adventure, crosses paths with Rosa and the two quickly become friends despite their differences. Silk wants to go off to explore the world, while Rosa would rather remain in her rose bush. But when Silk is kidnapped by a Stone Troll, Rosa must finally overcome her fears and venture out on a dangerous journey to the Black Mountains to save her friend.

5+ Just Super

Just Super

5+ /  Rasmus A.Sivertsen
Animation / Norway / 2023 / 1h16 / French soundtrack
Release: 8 May 2024

11-year-old gaming enthusiast Hedvig finds herself forced to replace her father as the town’s superhero.

7+ The Inventor

The Inventor

7+ /  Animation / France / 2023 / 1h39 / French soundtrack, Original soundtrack with French subtitles*
Release: 31 January 2024

Welcome to the Renaissance! A time when artists, scholars, kings, and queens envision a new world. Among them, an odd personage spends his days designing strange machines and exploring the wildest of ideas. To study the moon, fly like a bird, discover the secrets of medicine… he dreams of changing the world. All aboard for a voyage with the greatest of all geniuses, Leonardo da Vinci.

Films around this year’s theme • The films

3+ “We’re off!”

The road winds on ahead, the engine purrs, the ticket inspector whistles on the platform, the sea is oily, there’s a mounting hubbub. One thing is clear: you’re hitting the road… Hop in the car, Sally, the ride has just begun!

Voyage avec Monsieur Monsieur (A trip with Monsieur Monsieur)
Céline Brengou
Animation / France / 2019 / 3 min / French soundtrack
Landscapes float by through the train window and thoughts wander: Monsieur and Monsieur have a chat.

Sophie Olga de Jong, Sytske Kok
Animation / Netherlands / 2018 / 2 min / No dialogue
A grandfather teaches his granddaughter to ride a bike.

Two Trams
Svetlana Andrianova
Animation / Russia / 2016 / 10 min / No dialogue
Momma Tram and Little Tram leave their depot every morning to transport the populace. Little Tram still needs her mum’s encouragement in the form of mischief, training, or comfort. But as time goes by, Momma Tram begins to rely more on Little Tram.

Fairies in the Hills of Buda
Eszter Molnár
Animation / Hungary / 2018 / 1 min / No dialogue
According to an urban legend, fairies live in the hills of Buda in Hungary, although they have never been spotted so far…

Twin Trees
Emmanuel Ollivier
Animation / France / 2020 / 4 min / No dialogue
A sister and her twin brother each carry around a potted sapling. The brother decides to plant his, while his sister yearns to explore the world with hers.

The Penguin
Pascale Hecquet
Animation / France, Belgium / 2016 / 5 min / French soundtrack
Such an excellent idea to leave the cold of the ice floes and seek warmth under the coconut trees! In any case, that’s the fantasy of a penguin, who wants nothing more than to bask in the tropical sun!

3+ “We’re off!”

3+ ““Travelling in good company””

35 min
Should we go off to explore the world alone, or with others? What is a journey for, if not meeting and sharing memories with others? Discover 6 paths to friendship and solidarity that will make a lasting impression.

Dodu: The Cardboard Boy
José Miguel Ribeiro
Animation / Portugal / 2010 / 5 min / No dialogue
Dodu is a highly sensitive boy who lives in city where children aren’t welcome. Forced to spend endless hours indoors, he plays make-believe inside an empty cardboard box. By scratching the cardboard’s surface, Dodu creates extraordinary worlds.

The Cloud and the Whale
Alena Tomilova
Animation / Russia / 2016 / 4 min / No dialogue
A little cloud makes friends with a huge blue whale. One day, when the whale washes up on a beach, the cloud doesn’t think twice, but rushes off to rescue his friend, even at the risk of his own life.

Melting Heart Cake
Benoît Chieux
Animation / France / 2019 / 11 min / French soundtrack
Anna has a chocolate treat she wants to share with her friend on the other side of a glacial forest. This forest is said to be haunted by a new resident: a terrifying bearded giant. Every animal that meets the giant disappears, and the mole’s path inevitably crosses his. But it turns out that the leviathan is a lot nicer than you think.

Kirsten Lepore
Animation / USA / 2010 / 6 min / No dialogue
This is story of a sandman and a snowman living on opposite sides of the ocean. They strike up a long-distance relationship by sharing objects from their respective environments in a bottle thrown into the sea. After many exchanges, the two want to know each other better and decide to meet halfway…

Hannibal the Elephant
Aurélie Monteix
Animation / France / 2019 / 4 min / No dialogue
A combat elephant loses his way in the mountains. The unexpected encounters he makes will change his life forever.

The Night
Siri Melchior
Animation / Denmark / 2014 / 5 min / French soundtrack
Does anyone live on the moon or the stars? Maybe there’s a space Crocodile and a space Rita. Rita and Crocodile fly off to space to find out.

3+ “Travelling in good company”

4+ “Babushka takes a stroll” 

Animation / Russia / 2012 / 52 min / French soundtrack

Let’s head East with these fabulous tales and wonders that will captivate both young and old!
An animated stroll through Russia via four short films.

On the agenda
The Nightingale Alexander Tatarsky
2006 / 13 min / French soundtrack
Goat’s House (Kozya Hatka) Eduard Nazarov, Marina Karpova
2009 / 13 min / French soundtrack
Bear tales Mihkail Aldashi
2007 / 13 min / French soundtrack
Zhiharka Oleg Uzhinov
2006 / 13 min / French soundtrack

3+ “Babushka takes a stroll”

4+ “A stone’s throw”

42 min
First comes a dream, second a point of view, third is a personal journey, and fourth is a surprising neighbour… Sometimes you can find the world at your own front door.

Hajime Kimura
Animation / France, Japan / 2014 / 5 min / No dialogue
A bird in a cage dreams of clouds.

The Man with Birds
Quentin Marcault
Animation / France / 2017 / 4 min / No dialogue
In a snowed-in mountain village, the inhabitants wait for the arrival of The Man With Birds, who will announce the end of winter.

Natalia Mirzoyan
Animation / Russia / 2012 / 9 min / No dialogue
A little ant and her big dream.

Demain il pleut (Tomorrow it will Rain)
Anne-Céline Phanphengdy, Mélanie Vialaneix
Animation / France / 2013 / 5 min / No dialogue
In a remote little house way out on the moor, an old man lives a dreary life, but longs for exotic travels. But tomorrow it will rain.

Messages in a Bottle
Célia Tocco
Animation / Belgium, France / 2020 / 11 min / French soundtrack
Théo, who lives in a house by the sea, often feels lonely. Hoping to find a playmate, the young boy slips a message into a bottle and flings it out into the sea. He eagerly waits for his bottle, so small in the wide ocean, to find him a friend.

Water Path for a Fish
Mercedes Marro
Animation / Spain / 2017 / 8 min / No dialogue
It’s a starry night in a poor neighbourhood somewhere in Latin America. Oscar is asleep in his bedroom when a sudden wind wakes him.

3+ “A stone’s throw”

4+ “Stinky Dog, Happy Life in Paris!”

  • Davy Durand, Vincent Patar, Stéphane Aubier
    Animation / France, Belgium, Spain / 2019 / 1h / French soundtrack
    Once there was a naïve, eager Parisian dog named Stinky Dog. With his trusty feline companion Flatty Cat, Stinky Dog wanders the streets of Paris with his snout in the air. All sorts of calamities follow in his wake, but he always lands on his paws! It gets to a point where other dogs start getting suspicious. Through the adventures of Stinky Dog and his friends, kids discover some of the most poetic bits of Paris!
4+ “Stinky Dog, Happy Life in Paris!” 
4+ “The Rescue Team Headed for Adventure!”
  • Janis Cimermanis
    Animation / Latvia / 2020 / 44 min / French soundtrack
  • When going on an adventure takes you to the stars, exploring is nothing short of extraordinary!Pote, Sily, and Bemby of the rescue team are always ready to lend a helping hand. Whatever the problem, these three companions will find the (often unexpected) solution! For better, but mostly for worse, their services are now available throughout Europe!On the agenda
    La Corrida
    2012 / 7 min / No dialogue
    2013 / 8 min / No dialogue
    London Holidays
    2019 / 8 min / No dialogue
    The Tower of Pisa
    2014 / 8 min / No dialogue
    The Mysteries of Paris
    2018 / 9 min / No dialogue
4+ “The Rescue Team Headed for Adventure!”

4+ “The Balloon Expedition” in Heaven 

Animation / France, Russia, Sweden / 2017 / 36 min

The shorts in this programme take us along into an infinitely small universe, where we can experience huge emotions.

Nature teems with tiny life close to the ground. Small creatures have their own stories, full of discovery and wonder. They seem so dainty and fragile, but when we take a closer look, they still surprise us! 

On the agenda
November Marjolaine Perreten
France / 2015 / 4 min / No dialogue
Bach Anton Dyakov
Russia / 2010 / 6 min / No dialogue
Muraveyka Tatiana Musalyamova
Russia / 2008 / 7 min / No dialogue
Balloon Expedition Anna Bengtsson
Sweden / 2004 / 19 min / French soundtrack

4+ “The Balloon Expedition”

Yuku and the Flower of the Himalayas  5+

Arnaud Demuynck, Rémi Durin
Animation / France, Belgium, Switzerland / 2022 / 1h05/ French soundtrack

At the top of the world’s highest mountains lives a plant that feeds on the purest of sunlight. It is called… the flower of the Himalayas. Yuku leaves her family on a quest to find this flower of eternal light. She wants to offer it to her grandmother, who has told the family that the time has come for her to go with the little blind mole into the farthest recesses of Earth. But on the way to this marvellous flower, Yuku’s journey will be long and full of obstacles. She has to cross the frightful domain of the sewer rats under the castle, the meadow where cruel, voracious crows reside, the enchanted forest where everyone loses their way, and, above all, the little bridge of fear guarded by the wolf! Still, Yuku makes many friends along the way through her music and songs. And they are the most precious source of success in the adventure of life.

4+ Yuku and the Flower of the Himalayas

“It’s the Holidays!”

The sound of waves, a far-off horizon, the chirr of cicadas, the perfume wafting from a field of lavender, soft, fine sand tickling your toes… Oh yes, the holidays! Drink in the warmth of a sunny programme!

David Stora
Animation / France / 2022 / 3 min / French soundtrack
Freedom is sometimes as simple as taking a trip, a rectangle of sunlight on the bed sheets, remembering a storm, the song of the river rapids, the crackle of tomatoes frying. It means just leaving.

Matthieu Gaillard
Animation / France / 2011 / 5 min / No dialogue
She goes on holiday to the sea with her dad, but insists on bringing her goldfish Etienne along.

The Mole at the Sea
Anna Kadykova
Animation / Russia / 2012 / 5 min / No dialogue
Mole has dreams of fine sand, an infinite ocean, and the setting sun. But when she finally gets there, she is horrified to discover a dirty, crowded beach. What a disaster! Her holidays go up in smoke…

Sung Ah Min
Animation / South Korea, France / 2019 / 17 min / French soundtrack
One summer in the South Korean countryside, seven-year-old Bori is feeling bored on the family farm. It’s harvesting season, and everyone is busy but her. She desperately tries to find someone to play with, but nothing turns out as she had imagined.

Something happened
Anne Larricq
Animation / France / 2018 / 8 min / French soundtrack
Today is the last day of the holidays. Everybody is seeing each other for the last time, finding each other suddenly more appealing. A siren wails in the distance, the beach is emptying… Everyone has left, or nearly everyone.

The Kiosk
Anete Melece
Animation / Switzerland / 2013 / 7 min / No dialogue
Olga has lived a quiet but sad life literally stuck in her newspaper kiosk for years. To break up her routine, she collects sunsets cut out of the magazines she sells. Will she ever be able to find the little piece of paradise she yearns for, but in real life?

Aliona Baranova
Animation / Czech Republic / 2020 / 6 min / No dialogue
Upon boarding a ship readying to weigh anchor, a little girl offers an autumn leaf to a huge sailor. The leaf makes the sailor homesick.

5+ “It’s the Holidays!”

Kiki’s Delivery Service

5+ /  Hayao Miyazaki
Animation / Japan / 1989 / 1h42 / French soundtrack

Thirteen-year-old Kiki has inherited magical talents from her mother. But to earn the title of witch, she needs training, and must leave home for a year to prove she can live on her own in her choice of cities. One evening, she kisses her parents and grandmother good-bye, mounts her broomstick with her cat Jiji, and heads south to “see the ocean”. The following day, she lands in a friendly coastal town. Here, she begins her apprenticeship under Osono, a kind bakery owner who hires her as a delivery girl.

5+ Kiki’s Delivery Service

Peter Pan

5+ /  Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske
Animation / USA / 1953 / 1h16 / French soundtrack

Wendy has become a big girl, so this is the last night she’ll sleep in the nursery with her younger brothers. And this is also the night Peter Pan decides to take them all on a long journey to an imaginary land.

5+ Peter Pan

Seven Seas Pirates

5+ /  Walter Tournier
Animation / Argentina, Chile, Uruguay / 2012 / 1h15 / French soundtrack

Selkirk, a rowdy young pirate, sails the South Seas in search of treasure. Aboard the “Esperanza” under the command of Captain Bullock, Selkirk ends up making enemies of the crew. When he is abandoned on a desert island, he discovers a new outlook on life and learns to survive alone, becoming a true Robinson Crusoe.

5+ Seven Seas Pirates
5+ Mission to the Moon

Mission to the Moon

5+ /  Rasmus A. Sivertsen
Animation / Norway / 2018 / 1h20 / French soundtrack

Every country aspires to plant its flag on the moon. Louis and Luca decide to attempt a moon landing aboard a rocket built by Reodor. Thus begins an incredible space odyssey! This is the last episode of the Adventures of Luca and Louis after The Snow Machine and the Big Cheese Race.

6+ Trees


6+ /  Sophie Bruneau, Marc-Antoine Roudil
Documentary / France, Belgium / 2002 / 50 min / French soundtrack

“Trees” is the story of the Tree and of trees. It begins with the Origins, then roams through the world of trees and the trees of the world. The film tells of the major differences and slight similarities between Trees and Humans, exploring the thought-provoking idea that in the world of plants, trees fulfil the same role as man in the animal kingdom. “Trees” takes us on a journey through a new dimension of time and space, where we meet trees that can talk and walk, that are sometimes shy and sometimes outlandish… “Trees” will challenge our assumptions, starting by pointing out that though we often see the animals running along a tree’s branches, we rarely notice the tree itself.

6+ The Navigator

The Navigator

6+ /  Buster Keaton, Donald Crisp
Fiction / USA / 1924 / 59 min / No dialogue

A madcap duo made up of Rollo Treadway, a wealthy but lazy aristocrat, and Betsy, a commoner, find themselves alone on a ship drifting out to sea shortly after the young lady rejects his marriage proposal. They do what they can to survive far from their servants and their comforts, setting off preposterous situations, until they come to anchor near the coast of an island that’s not quite as uninhabited as they thought.

6+ Up


7+ /  Pete Docter, Bob Peterson
Animation / USA / 2009 / 1h35 / French soundtrack

Carl Fredrickson, a retired balloon seller, takes his last opportunity to sail away. He attaches thousands of balloons to his house and heads towards the lost lands of his childhood dreams. But unknowingly, Carl brings along Russell, an eight-year-old boy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Together, this improbable duo makes new friends, like Doug, a dog equipped with a special collar that gives him the ability to speak, and Kevin, a bird who can’t fly. Carl soon realises that the most important adventures in life are not what you might think.

The Dragon Princess

6+ /  Anthony Roux, Jean-Jacques Denis
Animation / France / 2021 / 1h14 / French soundtrack, Subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired + Audio description*

Bristle is a little girl brought up by a powerful dragon. But when her father has to pay the Sorcerog with his second-most-valuable possession, he offers up Bristle, breaking her heart and forcing her to flee the family cave. Bristle then embarks on a journey to discover the world of men. Upon meeting them, she discovers friendship and solidarity, but also the greed that eats at the heart of men.

6+ The Dragon Princess

Boy and the World

7+ /  Alê Abreu
Animation / Brazil / 2013 / 1h19 / French soundtrack

A boy leaves his small village to search for his father and finds himself in an amazing world ruled by machines, animals, and strange beings. A rhapsodic and dream-like journey that brilliantly illustrates the problems of today’s world.

7+ Boy and the World


7+ /  Martin Scorsese
Fiction / USA / 2011 / 2h06 / French soundtrack

It’s Paris in the 1930s, and Hugo is a twelve-year-old orphan living in a train station. His past is a mystery, and his future an enigma. All he has left of his father is a strange automaton, and he wants to find the special heart-shaped key needed to make it work. Upon meeting Isabelle, he thinks he has found the key, but it’s just the start of the adventure.

7+ Hugo


7+ /  Juan Antin
Animation / France, Luxembourg, Canada / 2018 / 1h10 / French soundtrack

Tepulpai and Naira, two little native boys from the Andes mountains, go off to find the Huaca, their village’s guardian totem confiscated by the Incas. Their quest takes them to Cuzco, the royal capital besieged by the conquistadors.

7+ Pachamama


8+ /  Luigi Comencini
Fiction / Germany / France / Italy / 1972 / 2h15 / Original soundtrack with French subtitles, French soundtrack*

Geppetto is a poor woodcarver living in Tuscany. To fill his loneliness, he decides to make a wooden puppet, whom he names Pinocchio. After finishing his work, he goes to bed to try to forget his hunger pangs. In the freezing night, the Fairy with Turquoise Hair brings the marionette to life, and he immediately starts behaving like a real flesh and blood boy, to the delight of Geppetto, who had always wanted a son. But Pinocchio turns out to be badly behaved. He soon plays truant, taking off with a circus ringmaster and his travelling puppet theatre. Geppetto desperately goes off to search for him. So begin a series of outlandish adventures…

8+ Pinocchio

The Secret of Kells

8+ /  Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey
Animation / France / 2009 / 1h15 / French soundtrack

In 9th century Ireland, Brendan, a twelve-year-old monk, lives in the fortified Abbey of Kells. Brendan helps the other brothers build an outer wall to protect the abbey from the constant barbarian raids.
But a new life of adventure beckons when he meets Brother Aidan, a celebrated master illuminator and “guardian” of a fabulous but unfinished Book of illuminations. Aidan introduces Brendan to the art of illumination, for which the young boy shows extraordinary talent.
To complete the book, Brendan has to overcome his deepest fears and leave the abbey for the first time on a dangerous quest that takes him into the enchanted forest where mythical creatures hide. It is here that he meets Aisling, a young wolf-girl, who helps him along the way.
Will Brendan be able to complete his mission with the Viking hordes closing in? Can he show that art is the best defence against the barbarians?

8+ The Secret of Kells

The King of Masks

8+ /  Wu Tian-Ming
Fiction / Hong Kong, China / 1995 / 1h41 / Original soundtrack with French subtitles*, French soundtrack

In central China in the early 20th century, an ageing master of Chinese opera named Wang lives as a street performer with his monkey, General. Known as the “King of Masks”, he is a change-mask opera artist, so good at his craft that spectators think it’s magic. Seeking to pass on his art, Wang decides to buy an orphan boy. He begins to feel love for the child, who takes an intense interest in learning his art. But one day, he realises that he had been sold a girl, rather than a boy. Traditionally, the secrets of his art may only be passed down to a male heir. But little Gouwa has become attached to her “grandfather” and loves him dearly.

8+ The King of Masks
8+ The Triplets of Belleville

The Triplets of Belleville

8+ /  Sylvain Chomet
Animation / France, Belgium, Canada, UK, Latvia / 2002 / 1h20 / French soundtrack

Madame Souza’s inspired idea of offering her grandson a bicycle pays off to a degree beyond her wildest dreams. With training and the proper diet, the Tour de France is within reach… But so is the French mob who, seeing in him a future champion cyclist, kidnaps him. Madame Souza and three old ladies, the Triplets, having become thick as thieves, will defy all odds in a thrilling high-speed chase.

Microbe and Gasoline

9+ /  Michel Gondry
Fiction / France / 2015 / 1h44 / French soundtrack


The wild adventures of two misfit teens: little “Microbe” and resourceful “Gasoline”. At the approach of the summer holidays, the two friends aren’t looking forward to spending the next two months with their families. With a lawnmower engine and scraps of wood, they decide to build their own “car” and take a road trip across France…

9+ Microbe and Gasoline

A Dog’s Courage

9+ /  Lee Choon-Baek, Oh Sung-Yoon
Animation / South Korea / 2019 / 1h38 / French soundtrack


A dog is man’s best friend. Affectionate and loyal… But when he grows old or misbehaves, sometimes man tosses him away like a used tissue. And finding himself alone in the world, his animal instincts and pack mentality take over. Little by little, our cohesive little gang of strong-minded strays learns to get by alone. And to experience freedom through an extraordinary journey.

9+ A Dog’s Courage

A Polar Year

9+ / Original soundtrack with French subtitles


Samuel Collardey paints for us the portrait of a village in Greenland that mixes tradition with modernity, an extraordinary place where “people live on a daily diet of seal meat, hunt bears, and harpoon narwhals” while at the same time carrying the latest smartphone and chatting on Facebook”.

Anders accepts his first teaching position in this land of adventure and wide-open spaces, leaving his native Denmark for the rural town of Tinteqilaaq in Greenland, population 80. Life is rough in this remote village, much more so than Anders had anticipated. To fit in, so far from home, he has to learn to know the community and its customs.

9+ A Polar Year

The Wonderland

9+ /  Keiichi Hara
Animation / Japan / 2019 / 1h55/ Original soundtrack with French subtitles*, French soundtrack

Akané is a young girl with big dreams. On the day before her birthday, she visits her aunt, an antique dealer, who gives her a birthday present. Choosing among all the various knick-knacks in the shop, her hand falls on a magical stone. Suddenly, a secret passage opens, and out steps Hippocrates, an alchemist from another world. He tells Akané that she is the Goddess of the Green Wind, spoken of in legend, and that she alone can prevent the terrible drought that threatens her kingdom. Akané and her aunt set out with the alchemist and his student Pipo on a fantastic mission to save Wonderland.

9+ The Wonderland

A High Wind in Jamaica

10+ /  Alexander Mackendrick
Fiction / USA, UK / 1965 / 1h44 / Original soundtrack with French subtitles


We are in nineteenth-century Jamaica. After a devastating hurricane hits the island, a couple of English planters decide to send their children on a ship to England for safety. But during the crossing, the ship is boarded by pirates, who unknowingly take the children along with the loot.
Chavez, the pirate captain, puts them under his protection, establishing an ambiguous relationship with them, including uncomfortable feelings for the eldest daughter. Back on land, it is rumoured that the children died in the attack. As a result, the British Navy decides to chase down the pirates…

10+ A High Wind in Jamaica

Little Miss Sunshine

10+ /  Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris
Fiction / USA / 2006 / 1h43 / Original soundtrack with French subtitles


This is the story of the Hoover family. The father, Richard, desperately peddles his “Nine Steps” to success motivational programme. The mother, Sheryl, tries to hide the eccentricities of her gay brother, a Proust scholar recently out of the hospital after attempting suicide due to a romantic breakup.
The Hoover children also nurture some improbable dreams: 7-year-old Olive wants to be a beauty queen, while her brother Dwayne has taken a vow of silence until he can enter the Air Force Academy. When Olive learns she has qualified for the very competitive “Little Miss Sunshine” pageant in California, the whole family decides to go along with her. So they all pile into their rusty old VW bus and head west on a three-day tragi-comic road trip that forces them to grapple with a series of unexpected events…

10+ Little Miss Sunshine

Lord of the Flies

11+ /  Peter Brook
Fiction / UK / 1963 / 1h32 / Original soundtrack with French subtitles


During the Second World War, a British aeroplane full of children sent by their parents to Australia for protection crashes on a desert island. Only the children survive, with no adult supervision. Left to their own devices in a wild paradise, they try to set up a system of rules. But the group splinters, making way for a tribal, savage, and violent society around a charismatic leader…

11+ Lord of the Flies

“Werner Herzog goes to great heights”

12+ /  Werner Herzog
Documentary / Germany / 2014 / 1h15 / Original soundtrack with French subtitles


Two documentaries by Werner Herzog.
La Soufrière – Waiting for an Inevitable Disaster: In 1976, Herzog visits the island of Guadeloupe, where the volcano La Grande Soufrière is showing signs that it is about to erupt. Seismographs announce an inevitable catastrophe, with a power that could equal that of five atomic bombs. 75,000 inhabitants are evacuated to Basse-Terre. Herzog goes to meet with the few remaining residents who have decided to stay at the risk of their lives.

The Dark Glow of the Mountains: Alpinists Reinhold Messner and Hans Kammerlander decide to climb two 8,000-metre Himalayan peaks in one go with no base camp, no radio, and no oxygen. Messner has already climbed both of these mountains, but doing them one after the other without returning to base camp will be a first.

12+ “Werner Herzog goes to great heights”