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Stories Around the Neighbourhood

Coexisting with all living beings isn’t easy, but it’s vital that we do so!

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    "Histoires de voisinage"

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     42 min

Plus d'infos 

Adél Kerpely
Animation / Hungary / 2011 / 4 min
A caged bird dreams of flying free.

Awaker (Le Réveilleur)
Filip Diviak

Animation / Czech-Republic / 2017 / 10 min
Every morning, the awaker goes from house to house knocking on people’s doors to wake them up. One day, someone pays him with a bell, and his untroubled life is turned upside down.

Some Thing
Elena Walf

Animation / Germany / 2015 / 7 min
Oil, gold, and fire are treasures hidden away in the bellies of the big mountains. For a little mountain, it’s impossible to compete...

Sooner or Later (Tot ou tard)
Jadwiga Kowalska

Animation / Switzerland / 2008 / 5 min
A squirrel meets a lonely bat. Together, they try to restore order to the underground clockwork that choreographs the dance of day and night.

Hanka Nováková
Animation / Czech-Republic / 2015 / 5 min
Two characters experiment with the limits of their world.

Spider Web (La Toile d'araignée)
Natalya Chernysheva

Animation / Russia / 2016 / 4 min
A little lady is terrified of the spider that has just taken up residence in her house. But what would happen if the two were to fall in love?

Cat Lake City
Antje Heyn
Animation / Germany / 2019 / 7 min
Percy the cat is getting ready for a perfect day in Cat Lake City, a cat paradise. But once he gets there, he’s a bit disappointed.

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