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Cinéma Public - Cine junior
2 and up

Mole Loves Nature

Zdeněk Miler
Animation / Czech Republic / 2020 / 44 min / No dialogue

These short stories are a playful way to educate the little ones about environmental protection.
Mole is always going on such fantastic adventures with his friends, and this time they are dealing with one of today’s most important issues: ecology. And they will do their very best to save their natural environment.

Three tales on the agenda:
Mole and the Chewing Gum, Mole and the TV, Mole in Town

  • Director

    Zdeněk Miler

  • Genre


  • Year


  • Details

    44 min / No Dialogue

  • Original Title

    La Petite Taupe aime la nature

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