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Cinéma Public - Cine junior
3 and up

« Once upon a City »


To be distributed after the festival
A city can be full of both mystery and surprises! Discover them through this new programme focusing on an urban world that can be hard to understand, but also incredibly rich.


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  • Original Title

    "Il était une ville"

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     39 min

Plus d'infos 

Tiribi, The New Home (Tiribi, la nouvelle maison)
Susie Lou Chetcuti
Animation / Belgium / 2016 / 6 min
Tiribi and his mother move house and get to know their new home... as well as its small inhabitants!

The Lost Garden (Le Jardin Perdu)
Natalia Chernysheva
Animation / France / 2018 / 3 min
Where does a garden go when it has nowhere to go? An evocation of wandering and exile.

The Elephant and the Bicycle (Le Vélo de l'éléphant)
Olesya Shchukina

Animation / Belgium, France / 2014 / 9 min
An elephant has a dream about a bicycle that changes his life, and he’ll do anything to get it...

The Small Things in Life (Les Petites Choses de la vie)
Benjamin Gibeaux

Animation / France / 2012 / 8 min
In the city, a child takes flight, leaving his parents sitting lost on a bench below. Then along come a pinwheel, an umbrella, and a bird. Such are the small things in life!

Once Upon a Time there was a House (Il était une fois une maison)
Svetlana Andrianova

Animation / Russia / 2017 / 5 min
Birds come to live with the residents of a remarkable house. But one day, one of the tenants decides it’s time to change his lifestyle. How can they all live together without getting in each other’s way?

The Song of Rain (Chanson pour la pluie)
Yawen Zheng
Animation / China / 2012 / 8 min
On a rainy day, a young boy meets a mysterious fox and helps him collect rainwater...

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