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« A transformed planet »



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     43 min

Plus d'infos 

By the Lake (Au bord du lac)
Patrick Bokanowski
Fiction / France / 1994 / 6 min
Typical fun and pleasurable activities on the lakeshore are simply filmed, then transmuted into a strange spectacle using optical distortion (along with the music and editing loops).

Stories In Place: Plant. (Stories in Place : Plante)
Réka Bucsi
Animation / Hungary / 2020 / 2 min
‘Plant’ is a plant shop with a laid-back lifestyle that has been forced to think beyond their physical shop. Réka Bucsi captures this moment of transition through animated flora and fauna.

Cesar Diaz Melendez
Animation / Spain / 2019 / 9 min
Life can show up anywhere. Nature is unpredictable and nothing is what it seems.

Empty Places
Geoffroy de Crécy

Animation / France / 2019 / 9 min
Empty Places is an ode to the melancholy of machines.

A Prairie Story
Anne Koizumi

Animation / Canada / 2003 / 1 min
The metamorphosis of a prairie landscape in a sharp critique of urban expansion suggestive of bacterial proliferation.

Carface (Autos-Portraits)
Claude Cloutier

Animation / Canada / 2018 / 5 min
Filmmaker and cartoonist Claude Cloutier offers up a biting satire of the oil industry, a musical comedy in which cars sing and dance while the Earth is sucked dry.

Delia Hess
Animation / Switzerland / 2018 / 8 min
On a small planet, caught up in their own little private worlds, the inhabitants go about their poetically surreal lives, repeating themselves in an endless cycle. What they don’t know is that they are all part of a complex ecosystem that can only function if each of them plays their part.

Once There Was a Leaf (Il était une feuille)
Anaïs Scheeck
Animation / France / 2015 / 3 min
Between the infinitesimally small and the immensely large, once there was a leaf with its veins. Once there was a branch at the end of the leaf. And what was there at the end of the branch?

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