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Cinéma Public - Cine junior

The 32nd edition of festival Ciné Junior will take place from February 2nd to 15th 2022

On the agenda for this new edition: Family spirit

A family can include relatives, close friends, pets, and others. Families are sometimes blended, sometimes separated, and can extend beyond blood ties. Family relationships are often more surprising than we expect. A brother, a sister, a neighbour, a plush toy, a cat, each has its own special place within the family. It can also be a place we consider to be home, our own place. The possibilities are endless, and we can see family patterns that are all different from each other. That’s what makes us unique. So whether it’s a little fox with two geese for parents, a little girl making a powerful connection with a wild animal, or father preparing his child for a difficult journey, this theme reminds us how families are all different to each other. These differences will be highlighted in the 32nd edition of Ciné Junior.


  • New animated short programmes created by the festival

4 brand-new short film programmes are offered to introduce children 3 and over to the world of film: “Always there for you“, “Fuzzy Families”, “What’s Mine is Yours”, and “Amazing families”. Short films from the world over to entertain your miniature film buffs. For the whole family, of course!


  • Discover and share

Take a moment to share Ciné Junior without moderation, around a plethora of films that will make us laugh (Spot and Splodge, Ernest and Celestine, The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily …), cry (My Life as a Courgette, Petite Maman, The Dazzled…), afraid (Même Pas Peur!, Strolling under the Stars…). But that will also astonish us and take us back in time (My Uncle, The Kid, The Thursday, Kikujiro, Naked Childhood…). All while comfortably ensconced in movie theatre armchairs.